Jeffrey Donahue
Coronado, California

Bio: I am many things, but specific to this blog I am the brother of Maj. Morgan Jefferson Donahue, USAF, who was declared Missing-In-Action following a mid-air collision over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos in the pre-dawn hours of December 13, 1968. At the time of his incident, he was a 2nd Lieutenant, but by the time he was unilaterally and presumptively declared dead (along with all the other unreturned POWs and MIAs) during the Carter administration in 1981, he had been promoted to Major. I let go of my brother a long time ago because I came to the realization that holding on to him was encumbering his greater destiny in the celestial realm. [He brought me to that realization.] For me not to have let go of him would have been contrary to the divine scheme of things. However, I have never given up the search for the truth of the Indochina POW issue and how and why the U.S. government came to abandon live POWs and MIAs who were left behind in captivity after Operating Homecoming in 1973. This blog is about my 45+ year search, and I commit myself to conveying dimensions of the Indochina POW-MIA issue that will further document this egregious stain on our great country in the hope that it will be erased and that all the families of the POW-MIAs and all the concerned citizens who also have sought the truth may find peace. You are in for an interesting ride. Most of the episodes and documents in this blog have never been in the public record. If you wish to know more about me professionally, please visit me at LinkedIn. Peace and respect, Jeff

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeff: Your elegant blog is not only an important contribution to the history of this on-going outrage against our country’s highest values and finest men and families, but also a spur to action and potential catalyst for new information. Your focus on the unanswered question of what exactly prompted the secret Nixon/Kissinger promise of aid to NVN is spot on, as are your other observations. You, your brother and your family have sacrificed so much. Those concerned about this tragedy and dedicated to exposing the truth once again owe you our thanks. Please keep it up. All best, Mark http://www.kpows.com

  2. Jeff: your blog as well written as your well-lived life has been handled with elegance and aplomb. No person, no family should have to endure this long-standing torture. However, you are a beacon of light to the world in your example of handling this, and my hope is that others enduring suffering in situations that life hands us may read this and gain strength and the knowledge of how to lift themselves above it all gracefully and how to continue on with heads held high and triumph in the victory of inner peace as well. Blessings of love and peace,

  3. Let me introduce myself. I live on the coast of NC and I have had the POW/MIA bracelet that bears the name of Capt. Morgan Jefferson Donahue. I have had it since 1972, and have always waited, expected and prayed that one day he would come home. Through the years, before the internet, I worked to gather information about his family, and made contact one Christmas morning with your father, Col. Vincent Donahue. It was an emotional conversation, and I was sad to hear he passed years ago. I still have Morgan’s bracelet, and my entire family knows about a young soldier that never made it home that I have loved as if he was my own brother. Finding this link tonight has been something I have longed for, for years. I hope you will contact me.

    • Hi, Sherry. I’ll try this again. WordPress communications can be challenging. I am delighted to have received your message and would love to speak with you electronically – jcdonahue24@earthlink.net – and 619 709 1027. I am deeply honored by your unswerving awareness of my brother. Peace and regards, Jeff

  4. I have had a POW/MIA bracelet, that bears the name of your brother, Capt.Morgan J Donahue, since I was 12 years old in 1972. Through the years I have always prayed and dreamed of the day he would be found alive. Now, I must admit, I simply want him accounted for. I live in Coastal NC, and didn’t realize there were several bracelets with the same name on them. Has anyone ever returned a bracelet to you ? Is this something you would want ? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sherry Stanley

    • Good day, Sherry. It is great hearing from you.

      I, too, believe it unlikely Morgan is alive, and I, too, intensely want to know his fate — when, where and how. I am part of a growing initiative seeking the truths of many POW-MIAs. In this initiative are family members, concern citizens, researchers, the press, authors, Vietnam Veterans and more.

      Over the years I have received many of Morgan’s bracelets at sequential ranks and I will be honored if you will keep his bracelet. When Morgan is found you will among the first to know. Then, set aside his bracelet. Your concern and efforts on behalf of Morgan is priceless and I am profoundly grateful for your love and support. I know the love and support is nonpareil.

      I send peace and regards from sunny Coronado, California.


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